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How to stay healthy this Spring 2018

How to stay healthy this Autumn 2018

With long nights drawing in and temperatures dropping, it’s important to stay healthy, motivated and positive this Autumn. Already we are hearing of germs

colds and stomach upsets but by following a few simple pieces of advice, REGENCY CLEAN can help you and your family stay healthy this Autumn.

  • Flu jab: If you are concerned about the coming down with flu, you may consider the flu jab. While no vaccination is 100% effective, it will help to prepare your body’s defences if you come in contact with the flu virus.

  • Wash Hands: It is important to understand the washing hands regularly, especially before eating, can really help to reduce the chances of picking up unnecessary virus’ or bacteria.

  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth whilst cooking, driving or doing any out door activities: This is where all your germs are, so try hard not to touch these areas as you will inevitably touch something else and then spread your germs elsewhere.

  • Carry antibacterial hand gel: Whilst these gels seem to have become a bit of a fashion accessory, they can be useful in trying to reduce the chances of picking up unwanted germs and staying healthy this Autumn. Simply squirt a small amount onto your hands after being in heavily populated areas where you may have touched several handrails or door knobs for instance.

  • Healthy Eating: Maintaining a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables in your diet every day is vital to help your body achieve that healthy equilibrium to fight off bugs and to stay healthy. The recommended amount is five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, plus low-fat dairy, lean protein and wholegrain carbohydrates. Try adding a portion of oily fish once a week and pay particular attention to vitamin C intake (in citrus fruits and dark green vegetables such as kale and spinach) as this helps to support the immune function.

  • Exercise: We all know that we’re most likely to ‘catch’ something when we are immune systems are run down and it’s not just lack of sleep that can do this, but also stress. So, to keep you and your family healthy this Autumn, ensure that you incorporate some exercise into your week-end routine for example and perhaps a relaxing meditation or yoga session during the week. It is doesn’t have to be for long, but a chance to switch off, helps to increase your antibodies making it more difficult for the nasties to have a fighting chance!

  • Pace yourself: We all know that with Christmas just around the corner, diaries and work schedules get busier and then there are the usual family commitments to throw into the mix. We want to be healthy this Autumn, but also on top form for the festivities, so now is the time to re-charge the batteries, enjoy some quieter evenings at home, ready for the busy season. Burning the candle at both ends often ends in a disaster!

We hope you find these how to stay healthy this Autumn 2017 tips useful and good luck!

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